1. You must complete a form below for each team you are entering.  COMMENTS AREA: Traveling--please let us know where from OR Same Coach Request--please let us know what other team coaching.  If entering more than one team you need only complete boxes 1, 2, & 3 after entering the 1st teams complete information.
2. After all information is entered hit the Submit button.
3. You will be contacted within 24 hours to confirm your entry
4. If you are paying by check please mail it to:
 14801 47th Ave E
Tacoma, WA  98446
    **A fee of $25.00 will be charged for any returned checks.  
5. If paying by credit card please click on the "Online Payment" tab and  click on Store Catalog link on left side.     
6. WTA tournaments range from $275.00 to $355.00.  The entry fee is posted with each date.    
7. You may cancel your entry up to and including the deadline date.  After the deadline there are no refunds.
8. WTA deadline is always 8 days prior to tournament date by 10:00PM. Unless the tournament fills prior to the deadline date. 
1.  Enter your team name:  

2. Enter Age Group:

3.  Choose the tourney you are entering:     

4.  Enter your team contact person:  

5.  Enter best phone # to reach you for tournament weekend :

6.  Enter contacts email address:

     Please let us know of any time request, team level, same  
     coach issues, or traveling in the box to the right.  But,  
     please remember we will not guarantee we will honor your  
     requests.  We try our best to accommodate!! 

8. If all questions are answered please click on the submit button located here:

**Gold & Silver divisions will depend on # of teams**