Attention Coaches:
All of you want all of your games to be decided by the last shot.  More realistically you want good competitive games.  That is exactly what we want as well.  So here is what works best to make that happen.  
1.       Go to and do the online sign up form
2.       Do the online roster with AAU #’s, coaches’ code, and online payment.
3.       Then give us a call THE WEEK OF THE DEADLINE, and we will discuss who has entered and make the best choice of games for your team.  
4.       As you know many of you wait until the last minute to enter, so calling the week of the deadline is the best time to determine what divisions to play in as most teams have entered by then.
5.       So do not email us and ask us who is in.  We just do not want to sit and reply to all the emails of who is in, but we will chat with you during the deadline week to make sure you get the best games possible.  
6.       Remember WTA deadlines are always 10 days prior to the tourney weekend.  So call just before.  
7.       Also keep in mind if you wait to pay until the week of the deadline you must pay by using the online credit card, or call me and I will help you do the credit card.  Either way I must have your entry fees in my office on or before the deadline.  There will be no exception this rule.
Thank you all for working with me to provide you the best games possible.  If you have any questions please contact me any time.
Jay or Kim Gahan--WTA--206-523-4293 or e-mail at